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Rhode Island's Only

wednesday - saturday
doors at 7 - show at 8

The Show

Things You Should Know

Dueling Piano Show

Point Street is a Rock & Roll

Dueling Piano Show

Two performers play your requests while you laugh along, clap along and, of course, sing along. we don’t just perform for you; we perform with you. the more you participate (and drink), the better we are. at point street, YOU are the show! Holiday Parties in Providence Rhode Island!
Request songs to be played

we’ll play your requests as soon as humanly possible, but note, though we are wicked awesome, we don’t know every song ever recorded.

Request a person to be brought on stage

it might be a good idea to make sure they’ve had a drink first. we will definitely make them do something pg-13.

Request a phrase to be written on our mirrors

write down whatever’s on your mind, but avoid anything insanely controversial. (we don’t blush easily, but you can’t assume everyone is as depraved and juvenile as we are.)

Dueling Pianos FAQ

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no. you only need a reservation to guarantee a table.

do i have to sit at a table?

no. there is plenty of standing room.

is there parking available?

yes, there is free parking in our huge parking lot.

how late does the show go?

until close. during the week it’s usually around 12:30am. on fridays and saturdays it’s usually 1:30am.

do i have to be 21 to get in?


what if i’m hot?

still yes.

is there a dress code?

no. just wear clothes.

is there a cover?

sure, why not?

do i have to pay the cover?


what if i’m hot?

still yes.

CAN we bring in outside alcohol?

no. never, ever, ever, never. no.

do you serve food?

you can bring food in or have it delivered. (we do not provide plates, utensils, or extra tables for food service.)

what if i have a reservation and am running late?

we are unable to hold reserved tables for more than 15 minutes past your reservation time.

should i tell you if there are changes to the number of people in my party?

yes. this way we can do our best to accomodate you and our other guests.

it’s my birthday / bachelorette party… do i have to pay cover?

no. you will be allowed in free of charge. however, your friends/frenemies, bridesmaids, person(s) you’re sleeping with, rabbi, spiritual advisor, parents, and/or those you’re hoping to sleep with will all have to pay cover.

can we bring in decorations?

yes, however, we do not allow glitter, confetti, or noise-makers. balloons must not block the view of the people behind you.

Point Street Pianos Reviews

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


  • Jackie G. – “Truthfully, my face hurt the entire time I was here because I couldn’t stop smiling”.

  • Edward N. – “They will drag people on stage and say very lewd things to them such as put your boob near me.”

  • Claire M. – “Great music, a great fun vibe, perfect place for a group. Fan for life!”

  • Alex P. – “Who could ask for anything more on a Saturday night”?

  • Matthew L. – “The thing is, it is so horrible… so absolutely, un-ironically awful… that you and your lady friend will have no choice but to drink the night away, one lousy cocktail after another, if only to keep yourself from crying over what a foolish choice you both made for your night”.

  • Jenn K. – “Good for girls night out, double dates, large groups. All different ages too. The crowd is 21-81!”



Michael Mourachian

Michael Mourachian

co-owner & sometimes performer
michael is a rhody native and lifelong attention-whore.


Robert Morse

co-owner & ALMOST NEVER performer
his motto is: play hard, sleep hard.


Brenner Campos

available for kid’s parties and bar mitzvahs.

Steve Luhmann

Steve Luhmann

there’s the face of a man who just roofied someone.

Jennie Ursic

Jennie Ursic

…and here she is.



Piano Bar Reservations

Grab Your Seats

Reserve a Table


thurs: $5 without a reservation
fri: $5
sat: $5 before 8:30pm, $10 after 8:30pm


wed – fri: 7pm – 9pm
sat: 7pm – 8pm


Dueling Pianos Reservations

we only accept reservations for parties of 3 or more.
we are unable to hold reserved tables for more than 15 minutes past your reservation time.

catering for parties of 30+ is available through:

Catering Gourmet

Grab Your Seats

Reserve the Room

Holiday Party Providence

A private event is a complete buy out that Exclusively reserves the entire room for your party. it may occur EITHER during normal business hours or off-hours.

to host a private event, call or email us for more information.

please note: large parties that do not meet these criteria are considered reservations and may be booked on the reservations page.

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  • 3 Davol Square Providence, RI 02903
  • 401.270.7828
  • info@pointstreetpianos.com
  • WED & THURS: 7pm - 12:30am, FRI & SAT: 7pm - 2am

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